Environmental Campaigner slash VA lawyer with friends that are lawyers in WVA

Activist Group

Short Bio:

My name is Robert Gardner and I’m a campaigner for Greenpeace working to shut down coal plants. I’m also an attorney in VA (inactive) with lots of WVA friends that are lawyers. Generally, these folks are young and are looking for cases, though they generally aren’t very well off financially. I would love to help out as a point for GP or with some of my own legal skills or through my friends. I really dig this opportunity to help with the campaign (pardon the pun).

My/our needs are:

Certainty with time constraints. I travel a lot and have a lot on my own activist plate, but I really want to help out with your campaign.

Contact certainty: Would be awesome if like four folks aren’t contacting four different other people in Greenpeace. Juts makes it easier.

My/our wishes are:

Just to help.